19. 05. 22

fRoD joins AFK Pros as talent coordinator

Esports agency AFK Pros today announced that Daniel “Frod” Montaner has transitioned from being a client of the agency to its latest member of staff. The move, made effective last week, sees Frod take up the role of an Esports Talent Coordinator.

Best known for his time as a professional player, Frod won several major international competitions in Counter-Strike and is considered by many to be one of the esport’s all-time greats. Frod will be joining the agency in this latest stage of his esports journey after fulfilling a variety of roles in the industry over the last 20 years.

After retiring as a professional player, Frod moved into coaching and he has also spent time as a manager, so this next move will see Frod transition into an agency role within esports for the first time. AFK Pros is delighted to have Frod join the team and looks forward to him bringing his wealth of experience and connections to better serve its growing roster of top talent.

“I am excited to start the next part of my career in esports, especially with the agency I’ve been with for the last few years,” says Frod. “Throughout my time in esports, I’ve always looked out for players and tried to best represent the interests of players, so it was extremely important to me that AFK valued this in the same way. To be able to continue to support players in this role with AFK is a blessing!”

“When we introduced Frod to our roster of clients in North America, many of the professional players shared fond memories of watching Frod in Counter-Strike tournaments when they were growing up, which was brilliant,” says Jamie, Lead Esport Agent at AFK Pros. “It’s fantastic to have someone with such a long tenure in esports join our ranks and bring with him such an impressive amount of connections and experience.”

About AFK Pros: AFK Pros is an esports agency that represents some of the industry’s best professional players and coaches. The agency assists with contract negotiations, matchmaking as well as brand building and personal sponsorship opportunities. AFK Pros sits within the wider AFK Group, a collective of different business units that support brands, publishers, developers and content creators as well as professionals from the esports space.


13. 05. 22

Bonecold transfers to Vitality

At the end of last week, it was announced that Santeri ‘Bonecold’ Sassi had transferred from Acend to Team Vitality, becoming a member of their new Valorant roster. The exciting announcement was made ahead of the second split of the French VRL, a tournament where Bonecold and his team will face off against some of the best competition in European Valorant.

To date, Bonecold spent much of his professional esports career with Acend, a team that carved a successful path through Valorant. On Acend, Bonecold won the first ever VCT Masters tournament in Europe, attended two international LAN events and led his team to become World Champions through  victory at the esport’s inaugural global finals in Berlin. An impressive ascension to the top of the scene. Within the space of 12 months Bonecold has progressed from being an unknown quantity in the Valorant community to achieving what most in esports can only dream about: status as a World Champion.

A mainstay of European esports, Team Vitality is one of the continent’s most established organisations. Its status as a long-term Riot partner through its participation in the League of Legends European Championship, the LEC, makes Team Vitality an attractive option with a quasi-franchising system around the corner in 2023. With this announcement Bonecold and Team Vitality embark on a long-term mission to become the best, first in the French VRL and then Europe and beyond.

Bonecold has been a member of AFK Pros since the beginning of the agency’s journey. The whole team behind the scenes couldn’t be happier to see Bonecold take this next step.

06. 04. 22

DavidP joins DSYRE

AFK Pros is proud to announce that experienced client David ‘Davidp’ Prins has signed with DSYRE, a move that will see him compete alongside fellow AFK Pros clients Marc ‘Maru’ Begley. David will take up the in-game-leader role, attempting to lead the team to the VRL DACH title. 

David’s professional esports career began in 2013  playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He competed in Counter Strike for the next seven years winning approximately $47,000 in prize money while representing multiple organisations, most notably PENTA Sports and Team Heretics. 

In April 2020 David began his Valorant career, signing with G2 Esports two months later. The G2 team that David led went on to win all seven of Europe’s Ignition Series events, thereby cementing their legacy as Europe’s first dominant team.

Since departing G2 David has gone on to represent some of the most high profile esports organisations in Europe: Excel, Giants Gaming, OG and most recently beGenius. David played with beGenius as a stand-in for the most recent VRL France, ensuring the team to secure a playoffs place. 

Joining DSYRE marks a new exciting stage in David’s career. We at AFK Pros can’t wait to see him smash it this split and into the future. 

06. 05. 22

Monsteerr signs with Acend

Earlier this week, AFK Pros client Ondřej ‘Monsteerr’ Petrů was announced as the latest member of Acend, a European esports team that has risen to prominence over the last twelve or so months thanks to the efforts of its world championship winning VALORANT roster.

This signing marks Monsteerr’s entry into the topflight of European VALORANT Competition. Monsteerr had previously made deep runs in 2021’s open qualifiers, but 2022 has so far been spent competing in the competitive Spanish circuit. Now, Monsteerr will be taking a step forward through the competitive landscape and joining one of the world’s best teams in Acend, where he’ll be competing in the premier division of European competition.

Monsteerr has been a member of AFK Pros since the beginning of his professional esports career when the agency completed his signing, along with four other teammates, to LDN UTD. This initial signing was completed towards the start of the 2021 season, and since then we have worked hard to transfer Monsteerr from LDN UTD to Heretics, then onto Giants, before his most recent transfer to Acend.

Excited to co-sign Monsteerr’s most recent announcement, the team here at AFK Pros is happy to have supported him as he continues his ascension to the top of competitive VALORANT. The agency looks forward to watching his Acend debut in the near future.

03. 05. 22

Recent Female Pro Player Signings

And its implications in the esports scene

With AFK Pros’ most recent female professional players all announced, we thought it would be a great opportunity to recap and share our thoughts on the future of female VALORANT and female esports in general. 

We couldn’t be more delighted with our signings to this date. Representing the best free agents across both Europe and North America is something we are incredibly proud of and excited about moving forward. 

It is no secret that women and people of marginalised genders have encountered barriers and challenges in our industry that other groups may not. Studies have shown that women in esports comprise 35% of esports amateur players, but only 1% of esports professionals. This is due to factors such as bullying, harassment and a lack of development support. FandomSpot reported that 93% of the female gamers they surveyed experienced sexual harrasment online, with a further 76% disguising their gender while gaming online. The proportion of female players making it to a professional level is therefore hardly surprising. Figures like these go a little way to explaining how much harder it is for women to commit the necessary hours to the game, to reach the very top. 

We believe that VALORANT esports has the opportunity to buck this trend and meaningfully elevate female VALORANT professionals and teams. By Riot’s own admission League of Legends has a very small pool of female professional players, seen as a missed opportunity.

“We need to make sure that from the beginning, from the inception of what this esport is, women are at the forefront of our mind, because we want to see mixed teams, we want to see all of those teams and a variety of different people represented.” – Shelby Ulisse, Event Producer at Riot Games. 

This intent has been shown throughout the Game Changers Series. A welcoming experience for women and marginalised genders, designed to accelerate their opportunities and exposure. 

The growth we have seen in both NA and EU since their first Game Gangers series, in March 2021 and September 2021 respectively, is amazing. Furthermore, after speaking with stakeholders surrounding the Game Changers series, we’re even more excited for the future of this circuit.

The end goal is an esports ecosystem where there is no need for the Game Changers series, as women and people of marginalised genders compete on mixed teams at the highest level of competition. This is a sentiment shared by Riot and many organisations, such as G2 Esports. 

At AFK Pros, we want to play our part in achieving this goal, through providing female and marginalised gender professionals with the same level of expert support our existing roster of top male talent has come to expect. 

29. 04. 22

Polvi signs with MAD Lions

AFK Pros is proud to announce that professional player Niko ‘Polvi’ Polvinen has successfully transferred from Tenstar to MAD Lions, as part of the golden team’s exciting entry into VALORANT esports. Polvi will play in the duelist position, with the same teammates he competed alongside at Tenstar, as well as a new recruit in the substitute slot.

Polvi began his VALORANT esports journey in July 2020, playing with fellow AFK Pros client Synsi on Quickmath, a Finnish unsigned team. In May 2021, Polvi signed with Tenstar and has been with the organisation ever since. Tenstar first tasted success two months later at ESL’s UK&I Skirmish, where the team took the first place prize. When the VALORANT esports ecosystem developed at the beginning of 2022, the team qualified for the Northern Europe: Polaris VRL.

Tenstar had a fantastic first split in the Northern Europe regional league, where they narrowly missed out on the VCT Promotion tournament. Polvi contributed heavily to this success and was ranked as one of the three most statistically impactful players in the league. With this move to MAD Lions, we believe that Polvi is in a fantastic position to take the next exciting step in his flourishing career. With uncertainty over the future of VALORANT esports post 2022, MAD Lions, a long-term Riot partner with a history of big investment, is the perfect home for Polvi.

We at AFK Pros are very excited to see how Polvi and MAD Lions fare as they transition into the French VRL for the remainder of the season and look to compete on even greater stages in the near future. We look forward to supporting Niko on this journey.

28. 04. 22

Knoqd, Dooplex, and Skittlecakes sign with OpTic

OpTic's first Apex Legends team

AFK Pros is thrilled to announce the most recent signing of players William “Skittlecakes” August, Ira “Dooplex” Shepherd and Logan “Knoqd” Layou to OpTic Gaming! This signing makes them Optic’s very first Apex Legends team, and their hard work over the past six months has earned them their spot on such a prestigious roster.

The duo of Dooplex and Skittlecakes has been ongoing since October of last year (2021), but the trio wasn’t completed until a couple months later, following the depaturate of ‘Verhulst’ of TSM, when they picked up Knoqd from Cloud9. The three have been unstoppable since then, and can now all compete proudly under the same banner.

This all-star team began competing together last year under Esports Arena, and took the Apex Legends scene by storm when they placed third in both Apex Legends Competitive Gaming (ALGS) Split 1 Pro League as well as Split 1 Playoffs, earning them a collective $37,500 in prize money from those two tournaments alone. This would only scrape the surface of their accomplishments, though.

The team’s shining moment would come in ALGS Split 2 Pro League, which took place in March of this year (2022), when they shattered records. Not only did they come out first place in North America, but they broke the record for most points in a single gameday, creating a gap of 59 points between them and second place. They have proven themselves as the team to beat going into the playoffs in Sweden starting on April 29, 2022, and they plan to continue their journey to the championship this coming June, 2022!

It has been a pleasure working with all three of these players since this past December, and we feel proud to have supported them on this journey! We look forward to seeing their progression with Optic Gaming, as well as continuing our support.

25. 04. 22

Radosin signs with Team Vitality

One week on from the initial public announcement, the team here at AFK Pros is proud to report on the transfer of professional Rocket League player Andrea “Radosin” Radovanović, from Williams Resolve to Team Vitality, one of the esport’s most legendary teams.

Back in the middle of 2021, AFK Pros completed its signing of Radosin, when the young Frenchman was a rookie member of Atlantide Wave. Our team worked tirelessly to transfer him and his former teammates to Williams Resolve, the partnership between the iconic F1 team Williams Racing and UK esports organisation Resolve. On Williams Resolve, Radosin and his teammates found immediate success, and finished 9th in Europe in the first split of the season. The team’s high level of performance throughout the circuit, combined with their youth and promising future, drew great attention from third parties, but when Team Vitality entered the equation, it was a move that Radosin had to pursue.

Former World Champions and two-time European Champions, Team Vitality is a French esports team that has winning written into its DNA. A dream for most French professional players, Radosin has now become a member of an exclusive club that resembles the best that French esports has to offer. For the remainder of the RLCS 2021-22 season and beyond, Radosin will be competing alongside fellow countrymen, Alexandre “Kaydop” Courant and Yanis “Alpha54” Champenois.

We couldn’t be more excited and proud to have supported Radosin on this step in his esports journey, and we look forward to cheering him on in his RLCS debut with the new team in May 2022.

18. 03. 22

Weber signs with MOUZ

AFK Pros is proud to announce that client ‘Weber’ has recently signed with MOUZ as their Valorant Head Coach. Weber has been working tirelessly with the MOUZ team for the entire Valorant Regional League DACH season and has thus far led them to an impressive five victories, qualifying for the playoffs.

His storied career began in 2010 as a Counter-Strike: Source player for Team Dignitas. He progressed onto Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012 in which he won multiple Multiplay Insomnia events. The crowning accomplishment of his fantastic Counter-Strike playing career was earning $13,400 in prize money at the Gfinity Elite Series UK with Team Endpoint.

This success continued into Weber’s Counter-Strike coaching career. He led Riot Squad Esports to a $15,000 prize placing 2nd at ESEA Season 32: Global Challenge with incredible players such as Jonji and, current AFK Pros client, FNS. 

In 2020 Weber’s Valorant journey started with Rix.GG as a player and later as coach, culminating in placing 3rd in the 2021 ICEBOX Northern Classic. 

In Weber’s short time at Mouz he has already become an integral part of the team and formed fantastic relationships with the players. His skills and experience have guided the team to a fantastic season so far. We at AFK Pros are very excited to see how far Weber and MOUZ can progress and look forward to supporting Weber on this journey. 

10. 03. 22

Year in Review 2021/2022

Over the last twelve months, the team here at AFK Pros has worked tirelessly to establish the agency as one of the esports industry’s talent management leaders for professional players and coaches. Leveraging the skills and expertise we developed from our successful work within the AFK Group’s other sectors, the AFK Pros team has closed countless deals for our roster of clients which now spans across 14 countries on both sides of the Atlantic.

Like any start-up operation, AFK Pros’ journey had humble beginnings. The agency’s initial focus was on Riot Games’ Valorant, however it didn’t take long for the agency to expand into new markets. Today, AFK Pros represents more than 50 professional players and coaches in Apex Legends, Rocket League and League of Legends as well as Valorant.

Despite scaling quickly, the team here at AFK Pros has tried to prioritise quality over quantity and consequently targeted some of esports’ most impressive talent – as well as those who demonstrate incredible promise – in an attempt to deliver the best service possible. A few of the agency’s high-profile Valorant clients include Santeri “Bonecold” Sassi, Daniel “fRoD” Montaner and Pujan “FNS” Mehta, for example.

Trying to keep quality at the heart of everything that we do here at AFK Pros, the agency has also broadened its team of staff to include additional talent managers as well as a dedicated social media manager and other back-end staff. These hires have helped ensure that the agency’s current roster of talent receive a consistently high level of service while also boosting capacity for future expansion.

With a bigger and better team of staff than ever before, the remainder of 2022 and beyond looks bright for AFK Pros. Members of staff look forward to supporting more clients in the future and also developing the quality service that our current and prospective talents deserve even further.

“AFK Pros was established with the aim of helping professional players and coaches with their careers in the esports industry, and I’m proud to say that we’ve already made great progress in achieving this. Looking to the future, I’m excited for what our second year of operations has in store.” – Matthew Woods, AFK Group’s Co-founder and CEO.

“While staff here at the AFK Group had been active in esports through content creator signings and other work prior to the formation of AFK Pros, it’s in the last twelve months that the company has really accelerated its efforts. Now, 12 months on, it’s brilliant to reflect on the success we’ve experienced in supporting the careers of some of esports’ best talents.” – Jamie Wootton, AFK Pros’ Lead Esports Agent.