11. 08. 22

VKSailen Joins AFK Pros

AFK Pros is proud to announce that Spanish Rocket League superstar VKSailen has joined the agency. We will be helping VK’s roster ‘Aogiri’ in their search for an esports organisation to represent in the upcoming RLCS season. Alongside our colleagues at AFK Creators & AFK Digital we will also be supporting VK with his social media platforms, sourcing and managing brand partnerships.

VK’s professional Rocket League journey began in 2016 competing in the Movistar Rocket Liga Pro – Season 1, a Spanish national tournament, at age 13.

In 2020 VK joined Team Queso as they entered the Rocket League scene by picking up his free agent roster ‘Magnifico’. This roster went on to see great success, becoming one of the top teams in the world in Rocket League Season X. The highlight of their season was winning the second Spring Regional Event and placing 3/4th at the European Championships, taking home $50,000 in the process.

On VK’s current roster he is joined by Oscillon and Stizzy. They came together at the end of this season competing in two regional tournaments. They performed well at both, qualifying for the main event after only being together for a very short period of time. The future is extremely bright and we think they will go from strength to strength next season.

In 2022 VK’s social media accounts have grown rapidly. While uploading consistently across YouTube, Twitch and TikTok, he has amassed over 251,600 followers across these platforms. Alongside NeneCreative, another AFK Group client, he has become one of the biggest Spanish speaking Rocket League content creators worldwide, in just a matter of months.
VK has so much potential for growth, and we are very excited to help him on this journey!