13. 05. 22

Bonecold transfers to Vitality

At the end of last week, it was announced that Santeri ‘Bonecold’ Sassi had transferred from Acend to Team Vitality, becoming a member of their new Valorant roster. The exciting announcement was made ahead of the second split of the French VRL, a tournament where Bonecold and his team will face off against some of the best competition in European Valorant.

To date, Bonecold spent much of his professional esports career with Acend, a team that carved a successful path through Valorant. On Acend, Bonecold won the first ever VCT Masters tournament in Europe, attended two international LAN events and led his team to become World Champions through  victory at the esport’s inaugural global finals in Berlin. An impressive ascension to the top of the scene. Within the space of 12 months Bonecold has progressed from being an unknown quantity in the Valorant community to achieving what most in esports can only dream about: status as a World Champion.

A mainstay of European esports, Team Vitality is one of the continent’s most established organisations. Its status as a long-term Riot partner through its participation in the League of Legends European Championship, the LEC, makes Team Vitality an attractive option with a quasi-franchising system around the corner in 2023. With this announcement Bonecold and Team Vitality embark on a long-term mission to become the best, first in the French VRL and then Europe and beyond.

Bonecold has been a member of AFK Pros since the beginning of the agency’s journey. The whole team behind the scenes couldn’t be happier to see Bonecold take this next step.