06. 05. 22

Monsteerr signs with Acend

Earlier this week, AFK Pros client Ondřej ‘Monsteerr’ Petrů was announced as the latest member of Acend, a European esports team that has risen to prominence over the last twelve or so months thanks to the efforts of its world championship winning VALORANT roster.

This signing marks Monsteerr’s entry into the topflight of European VALORANT Competition. Monsteerr had previously made deep runs in 2021’s open qualifiers, but 2022 has so far been spent competing in the competitive Spanish circuit. Now, Monsteerr will be taking a step forward through the competitive landscape and joining one of the world’s best teams in Acend, where he’ll be competing in the premier division of European competition.

Monsteerr has been a member of AFK Pros since the beginning of his professional esports career when the agency completed his signing, along with four other teammates, to LDN UTD. This initial signing was completed towards the start of the 2021 season, and since then we have worked hard to transfer Monsteerr from LDN UTD to Heretics, then onto Giants, before his most recent transfer to Acend.

Excited to co-sign Monsteerr’s most recent announcement, the team here at AFK Pros is happy to have supported him as he continues his ascension to the top of competitive VALORANT. The agency looks forward to watching his Acend debut in the near future.