28. 04. 22

Knoqd, Dooplex, and Skittlecakes sign with OpTic

OpTic's first Apex Legends team

AFK Pros is thrilled to announce the most recent signing of players William “Skittlecakes” August, Ira “Dooplex” Shepherd and Logan “Knoqd” Layou to OpTic Gaming! This signing makes them Optic’s very first Apex Legends team, and their hard work over the past six months has earned them their spot on such a prestigious roster.

The duo of Dooplex and Skittlecakes has been ongoing since October of last year (2021), but the trio wasn’t completed until a couple months later, following the depaturate of ‘Verhulst’ of TSM, when they picked up Knoqd from Cloud9. The three have been unstoppable since then, and can now all compete proudly under the same banner.

This all-star team began competing together last year under Esports Arena, and took the Apex Legends scene by storm when they placed third in both Apex Legends Competitive Gaming (ALGS) Split 1 Pro League as well as Split 1 Playoffs, earning them a collective $37,500 in prize money from those two tournaments alone. This would only scrape the surface of their accomplishments, though.

The team’s shining moment would come in ALGS Split 2 Pro League, which took place in March of this year (2022), when they shattered records. Not only did they come out first place in North America, but they broke the record for most points in a single gameday, creating a gap of 59 points between them and second place. They have proven themselves as the team to beat going into the playoffs in Sweden starting on April 29, 2022, and they plan to continue their journey to the championship this coming June, 2022!

It has been a pleasure working with all three of these players since this past December, and we feel proud to have supported them on this journey! We look forward to seeing their progression with Optic Gaming, as well as continuing our support.