10. 03. 22

Year in Review 2021/2022

Over the last twelve months, the team here at AFK Pros has worked tirelessly to establish the agency as one of the esports industry’s talent management leaders for professional players and coaches. Leveraging the skills and expertise we developed from our successful work within the AFK Group’s other sectors, the AFK Pros team has closed countless deals for our roster of clients which now spans across 14 countries on both sides of the Atlantic.

Like any start-up operation, AFK Pros’ journey had humble beginnings. The agency’s initial focus was on Riot Games’ Valorant, however it didn’t take long for the agency to expand into new markets. Today, AFK Pros represents more than 50 professional players and coaches in Apex Legends, Rocket League and League of Legends as well as Valorant.

Despite scaling quickly, the team here at AFK Pros has tried to prioritise quality over quantity and consequently targeted some of esports’ most impressive talent – as well as those who demonstrate incredible promise – in an attempt to deliver the best service possible. A few of the agency’s high-profile Valorant clients include Santeri “Bonecold” Sassi, Daniel “fRoD” Montaner and Pujan “FNS” Mehta, for example.

Trying to keep quality at the heart of everything that we do here at AFK Pros, the agency has also broadened its team of staff to include additional talent managers as well as a dedicated social media manager and other back-end staff. These hires have helped ensure that the agency’s current roster of talent receive a consistently high level of service while also boosting capacity for future expansion.

With a bigger and better team of staff than ever before, the remainder of 2022 and beyond looks bright for AFK Pros. Members of staff look forward to supporting more clients in the future and also developing the quality service that our current and prospective talents deserve even further.

“AFK Pros was established with the aim of helping professional players and coaches with their careers in the esports industry, and I’m proud to say that we’ve already made great progress in achieving this. Looking to the future, I’m excited for what our second year of operations has in store.” – Matthew Woods, AFK Group’s Co-founder and CEO.

“While staff here at the AFK Group had been active in esports through content creator signings and other work prior to the formation of AFK Pros, it’s in the last twelve months that the company has really accelerated its efforts. Now, 12 months on, it’s brilliant to reflect on the success we’ve experienced in supporting the careers of some of esports’ best talents.” – Jamie Wootton, AFK Pros’ Lead Esports Agent.