AFK Pros is proud to announce the recent signing of the well-known and high-performing Apex Legends professional team ‘KSZ’, boasting a roster featuring three high-calibre players known as Zachmazer, StayNaughty and Knoqd. During their brief time as free agents at AFK, we opened communication with Cloud 9, and discovered that they were looking to re-enter Apex Legends after a long year-and-a-half hiatus from the scene. With this in mind, it was clear that at AFK, we had a perfect fit for their requirements.


As this was Cloud 9’s entrance back into Apex Legends, the move was eagerly received across social media, generating hype and giving the players a huge amount of publicity on their own social channels. The whole signing process was smooth and effortless, with contracts finalized and signed quickly with a month to go before the famed “Apex Legends Global Series” was set to commence.


It will be an absolute pleasure to continue working with the passionate, hard-working talent that is Zach, StayNaughty and Knoqd, and we are proud to say we are excited for their future here at AFK!

Dominic Murphy